Dodgers Team Photographer- Photography Blog

In an effort to expose true Dodger fans to original images taken of their team, I am posting photographs from what I or my staff of Juan Ocampo and Jill Weisleder take from each and every game or event we attend.  I hope you like the images….

Jon SooHoo
Los Angeles Dodgers 
Team Photographer


Hey Jon! Welcome to the world of Dodger (and baseball) blogs. Looking forward to seeing your posts. Don’t worry. It took me awhile to figure out the image sizing too. And I still don’t care for it. But oh well.


A big welcome Jon! So good to have you here!
I’ll see you at Dodger Stadium and then at Fenway!

Jon, always enjoy your pics when I have the time. Hope you see this correction. It’s “bear with” not “bare with” as in your banner above.

Jon, so cool to see you do a Dodgers photo blog. I’ve always admired the sharp, crisp images of the Dodgers as seen on the Dodgers website galleries and in other places on the web. Do you or your staff ever sometimes use any kind of software to enhance the pics?

I’m so looking forward to checking out your blog posts every day. If you or your staff ever find yourselves falling behind on keeping this photo blog up to date, I offer my services to help keep it going. I do have my own blog about my baseball card hobby, my fantasy baseball league and the Dodgers. Its probably not good form to spam my blog here but if you want to peek at it, I’ve mentioned it in my profile.

Andy J. aka SingleDaddyof2

Always loved your images. Thanks for doing this for us!! Much appreciated.

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