2/16/12-Something Historical-Dodger Stadium Handyman-Kevin Waters 1998

If you know the Dodger Stadium better than this guy then you probably have a future with the organization. But this man knows every nook and cranny of the entire facility better than ANYONE. Kevin Waters has been “Mr Fix It ” for  2o plus years even though prior he was an usher. Right after the 1994 Northridge earthquake, he invited me to go tunneling with him throughout the stadium looking for cracks that might have occurred so I could document it. I remember literally crawling under the Stadium Club kitchen with him relying on his one flashlight to get us through safely where there was absolutely no light. I was thinking if that flashlight dies, we might never be found. Who would know where to look for us. I fired my on camera flash whenever I could to get a perspective of where we were. We tunneled through the lower level by the Dodger Clubhouse doors and by the visiting clubhouse hoping there wouldn’t be any aftershocks while we were down there. To this day you can see Kevin driving around his handyman cart fixing seats, replacing signs, hanging frames, driving a nail gun through his finger or maybe even a darkened thumbnail from one hammer stroke too many. This photo was taken in 1998 while he was fixing a field level seat. When you think of the 50th Anniversary of Dodger Stadium, you need to think of someone like Kevin who has dedicated his life to keeping Dodger Stadium beautiful.     © Jon SooHoo/Los Angeles Dodgers


A tip of the Dodger hat to Kevin.

Jon, nice story about one of the very important “behind the scenes” guys.
I had the pleasure of working with Kevin for many years. He’s a genuine nice guy and always willing to help when needed. It’s a pleasure to know him.

PS: Good seeing you too, Emma.

Oops! Sorry Larry, I meant for that to go below my comment not yours.

I usually see Kevin at every home game and he always goes out of his way to say hello to me. Nice of you to acknowledge him.

Good seeing you again at the Kings/Dodgers Pride Night gig.

Good seeing you Ron and also your son. He is so tall and a good looking young man.
I missed seeing you Jon. Saw you taking pictures of Colletti.
See you all (Kevin, Ron & Jon) at our Blue Heaven on Earth, Dodger Stadium.

I had season seats in 1997 and my father and I would chuckle every time we would see him walking from the visitor’s bullpen to the dugout during the National Anthem. My dad would say, “What a jerk.”

Also got to see him in action fixing seats. Especially this one time when a 400-pound man broke a field level seat. The seat literally exploded when the poor guy sat back.

Awesome memories!

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