3/1/12-Something Historical-The Famous Peanut Man-Roger Owens–September 4, 2009

He has been here the entire time at both the Coliseum and Dodger Stadium. He is a local boy who attended Manual Arts High School then graduated from Paramount High School. I have a lot of admiration for this man seeing as MY career as a vendor was real short. As I attended John Marshall High School, I got in line to be a vendor for  Arthur Food Service.  The more tenured vendors got to select the most popular items to walk around and sell which was always peanuts. At the end of the line of the seniority food chain were the high schoolers and first timers who got the least desired items which were the sodas or frozen malts boxes usually on the coldest nights. At that time I was usually left with the sodas which were carried in really heavy, really wide and extremely cumbersome metal crates. Unlike today where sodas are sold in bottles, back then sodas were sold in wax cups with plastic lids making a sloppy sticky day inevitable.  To get through some of the tight aisles along the Loge level, I can remember taking out the back of so many heads with the metal crates that I am sure I need to apologize to the fans I either assaulted with the crate or from the sodas I spilled on them when I tripped off the steps. I lasted about two homestands before I realized that this is just way too much work for this weakling. I tip my hat to Roger and to all of the vendors going up and down the aisles at Dodger Stadium. They have a really tough job and they truly earn their keep.   © Jon SooHoo/Los Angeles Dodgers


A tip of the Dodger hat to Roger and to all the vendors at Dodger Stadium making the trip up and down.
Congratulations Jon! You went from #23 in January MLB Blogs Leaders to #12 for February! Way to go!
See you at Arizona! My friends and I are heading to Arizona for the FanFest. Usually is just two of us in the car, now there will be 5 of us women. Excited!

Thanks Emma. I don’t really know what it means but thank you.

Love your work. Can you point me to a good source where I can purchase photographs of the Dodgers 1970’s infield? I’m looking for action photos while in the field. They seem to be harder to find.

Hi Joe, I have no idea….Jon

Great pictures, my mother used to work for Bill Delury when he was with the Brooklyn Dodgers. There was a picture of him, she got a kick out of seeing him and a few of the old timers you had.

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