3/20/12-Something Historical–John Shelby 2001-Photography by Jon SooHoo/Los Angeles Dodgers

One of my favorite people in baseball will hopefully be coming to Camelback today with the Milwaukee Brewers. Brewer’s Coach John “T-Bone” Shelby is one of nicest men in baseball and I have known him since our 1988 World Championship team.  In return for his friendship I gave him the curse of the internet and Itunes. When he was coaching with us a few years ago, I not only got him to get an Apple laptop, I showed him how he could spend endless hours in the hotel searching his favorite gospel singers on Itunes. I am sure I have caused him a lot of sleepless nights on the road because instead of going to bed right after the night games like he used to, he started buying music on Itunes which I am sure made it to his Ipod. I will find out if he has moved on to the Ipad since. Here he poses with one of his sons in 2001 at PNC in Pittsburgh in 2001.

If you know T-Bone, you can always count on hearing him scream out his favorite word throughout the season at both home and road games…..”BRUTAL!”  Listen the next time the Brewers are in town.     © Jon SooHoo/Los Angeles Dodgers


I love your photo histories and this story of your friendship with T-Bone makes me envious. What a great gig you’ve got! Thanks for your amazing photos and for sharing your wonderful accounts of Dodger and baseball history. What a treasure!

Thank you Karl. It is a joy being here and I will share my experiences when I can.

Thank you for this! My dad and I followed T-Bone when he was a Rochester Red Wing in the early 80s. He was an OK player but his nickname was better. Thank you for using it here. When he was a Dodger player and coach, I wouldn’t hear people (announcers) use it when they referred to him so I was afraid it might get lost to history.
I was lucky enough to meet him in the airport after the Dodgers lost to St Louis in the playoffs in 2004 when he was a Dodger coach. He was so nice to me even though I was very nervous and the Dodger season had ended the day before.

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