3/26/12-Something Historical–Hansen,Wallach,Mota-Early 1990’s-Photography by Jon SooHoo/Los Angeles Dodgers

When I ran across these medium format chromes that I took with my Pentax 67 a long time ago, I couldn’t pass up sharing these today since I can count on some grief from them about publishing them here. Dave Hansen, Manny Mota and Tim Wallach each posed for me in the 90’s. © Jon SooHoo/Los Angeles Dodgers

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I love love the Manny Mota picture! I got the book that Gaylord Perry was signing for the FanFest at Camelback Ranch and saw a picture of Manny Mota there. He was with….oh I forget what team he was with *looks at book* Oh yeah Houston 45’s. There is also a pic of Monday when he was with A’s and Tommy Davis when he was with the Pilots. Book is called “Cactus League Spring Trainin”

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