4/4/12-Something Current–Fun Clubhouse Pics by Dee Gordon Photography

Jamey Wright by Dee Gordon Photography

Mark Ellis by Dee Gordon Photography

Juan Uribe by Dee Gordon Photography

Kenley Jansen and Mitch Poole by Dee Gordon Photography

Mitch Poole and Juan Uribe by Dee Gordon Photography

Jerry Hairston by Dee Gordon Photography

Tony Gwynn Jr by Dee Gordon Photography

Justin Sellers by Dee Gordon Photography




Great close ups, I like these kind of shots.

Another great post Jon! I like the insider’s view of the team (and Dee did a great job borrowing (I assume) your camera. On your other posts, the captions really add a lot. Please keep them coming if they are not too much work for you. I like the inline format better than the thumbnail format which makes it much more difficult when using a tablet computer to view the images.

I gave you a shout out on a couple of blogs:

Thank you for the shout out. I will do the inline captions as much as I can depending on if it is past 1am. Past 1am will be thumbnails…Take care. Jon

We will take however you want to post the pictures. You are a hard worker and we love you! We really appreciate all the work you are putting here.! Dee did a good job with his pictures. I have him in my baseball fantasy team, “Los Locos Azules”

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