8/25/12-Something Current-James Loney…by Jon SooHoo/©Los Angeles Dodgers,LLC 2012

Farewell James. You are a fine young man and it was a pleasure working with you all these years…..Sincerely, Jon



Jon, you are making me cry. Is many years watching Loney at the stadium, Spring training, road games and other Dodger events. Farewell James. *sniff*

We all live you Loney and you will be greatly missed.

Thank you for that Jon. I am deeply saddened by this…not only because I feel like James Loney needed a little more patience and understanding while he was trying to get his groove back, but im saddened because he’s always been a kind and upstanding player/person. on and off the field. He will def be missed and I hope he knows that he has many true fans here in LA and half our hearts go with him [well my def does anyway]…James Loney thank you so much for all that you did for my team and my community. Never stop shining and being the awesome person you are. Much love and respect kiddo. God Bless you always.<3

IM BUMMED TO SEE JAMES GO, he has always been my FAVORITE BOY IN BLUE!!! Go make it big in Boston Mr. Loney, NEVER GIVE UP!!!

Nice move, Jon. Good luck, James. Hopefully you will find your swing from not too long ago.

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