11/8/12-Something Historical-Mark McGwire–Photos by Jon SooHoo/© Los Angeles Dodgers 2012

Now that it is official regarding Mark McGwire, here are a few of my favorite Mark McGwire images from my past…..

I took this photo for the cover for USA Today Baseball Weekly in the 1990’s for their Winter issue. I shot this at Mark’s house in Huntington Beach and I spent a lot of time stringing lights around the wreath and hung it on a back drop set up with fishing wire.


Back in the 90’s, when the anthem was performed in centerfield and I there waiting for it to begin, I would have moments where opposing players would sprint from the baselines into centerfield to loosen up. During this moment, both met up and because I knew both wore my favorite line of gear “No Fear”, I asked if they wouldn’t mind posing for me.  They agreed and the result is this…Nothing beats having an exclusive with two icons….JS


Also back in the 90’s, the dugout level housed the team family room which also doubled as my makeshift studio.  I don’t remember why these three (Bobby Bonilla, Mark McGwire and Royce Clayton) were in there but they all sat for this photo. Other than the prop less photos I had normally taken, I found these toys around the room that the Dodgers kids played with. Mark decided to put these in his mouth. I can’t imagine how many mouths these dinosaurs have been in prior to Mark….Ewwww!

Welcome Mark!


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Very nice finds Jon!

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