11/21/12-Something Historical-“Foot Race” May 2001–Photo by Jon SooHoo/©Los Angeles Dodgers,LLC 2012

Then Rockies’ outfielder Juan Pierre races Dodger pitcher Darren Dreifort to first base. Taken at Coors Field May 21, 2001.

Because it was taken that long ago, I can’t remember who won the foot race but I am sure some baseball-aholic will let me know.

But in the words of Dodgers first base coach Davey Lopes to our pitchers during Spring Training drills….”Just tag him!”

Still made a really cool frame of three of my favorite Dodgers. That is Karros in the background.

 Photo by Jon SooHoo/©Los Angeles Dodgers, LLC 2012

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Juan Pierre won the race in the 4th inning. Gant scored a run in that play. Juan went on to steal 2nd but did not score as Neifi Perez made the 3rd out on a Fly to Centerfield.
Emma the baseball-aholic
I had to look it up🙂

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