August 2nd, 2013

8/1/13-Something Different-LA Dodgers at Chicago Cubs-Behind the Scenes in Black and White by Jon SooHoo/LA Dodgers

Pulling into historic Wrigley Field is  going to be different this time around. I have been coming here with the Dodgers since the film days.

I was using black and white film then for behind the scenes and Fujichrome for day games. This time around I am using a Fuji x100s in its black and white form thanks to Fuji Rep Barney Tong who let me have a week with this new camera.

Reaching back and shooting black and white is so where my soul is in photography.

I hope you enjoy.    J


Brandon McDaniel works with Matt Kemp


Ricky Nolasco stretches…


Andre Ethier

DSCF3862 DSCF3863 DSCF3864


DSCF3873 DSCF3877 DSCF3879 DSCF3883 DSCF3889  DSCF3898 DSCF3899 DSCF3902 DSCF3908 DSCF3911 DSCF3912 DSCF3916 DSCF3918


DSCF3922 DSCF3923

Thanks for lunch Michael…

DSCF3930 DSCF3933 DSCF3936 DSCF3937 DSCF3941 S0263706 S0283710 S0293712 S0303714 S0313716 S0323720 S0333723 S0363733 S0373735 S0423746 S0433748 S0453750 S0463752 S0473755 S0513759 S0523760 S0533762 S0543764 S0563771 S0583774 S0623785 S0653796 S0693803 S0763816 S0903851