December 29th, 2013

12/30/13-Something Historical–Vin and Sandy, March 2008 by Jon SooHoo/LA Dodgers


As Vin Scully prepares to head down Colorado Blvd New Years Day as the Grand Marshall of the Rose Parade, I thought it appropriate to post one of my favorite photos of Vin and Sandy casually enjoying one of my favorite traditions of Spring Training at Dodgertown, the Annual Western BBQ held in the backyard of Dodgertown.

Players, both majors and minors, all coaches, all staff, media and family members were invited to enjoy a wonderful evening of steak, ribs, chicken, fish, corn on the cob along with baked beans and chili all cooked up by Chef Steve and served by Bird and May et al.

I can remember the pecan pie tasting delightful and coffee being served in tin cups.

Cowboy hats and bandanas were handed out upon entry as well as your favorite beverage served by Mary Beth.

A bonfire was built of stacked broken bats that kept the air warm and smokey.

Children were given hayrides and a petting zoo to play at.

Craig Callan has always run a topnotch facility and still does to this day.

The weather was usually mild and a jacket was rarely necessary.

In this picture taken during the final Western BBQ held March 7, 2008, Vin and Sandy dine on MY basketball court where I spent many evenings chasing down my own bricks and sometimes following the ball into oblivion over the fence into the swampland behind one of the baskets.

Congratulations Vin!!!….Now sit back and enjoy YOUR parade.