6/28/14-Something Current-LAD-9,STL-1 by Jon SooHoo/LA Dodgers

062814js001 062814js006 062814js009 Frank Thomas062814js011 062814js012 062814js015 062814js027 Melissa McCarthy 062814js044 062814js049 062814js054 062814js056 062814js060 062814js063 062814js066 062814js073 062814js076 062814js079 062814js087 062814js091 062814js094 062814js096 062814js098 062814js104 062814js106 062814js108 062814js113 062814js116 062814js119 062814js126 062814js139 062814js150 062814js154 062814js159 062814js166 062814js172 062814js187 062814js194 062814js198 062814js200 062814js201 062814js204 062814js206 062814js210 062814js215 062814js219 062814js221 062814js222 062814js228 062814js243 062814js245 062814js249 062814js252 062814js256 062814js257 062814js261 062814js271 062814js274 062814js276 062814js277 062814js284 062814js293 062814js310 062814js320 062814js322 062814js326 062814js334 062814js339 062814js347 062814js358 062814js359 062814js372 062814js386 062814js400 062814js402 062814js406 062814js413 062814js416 062814js419 062814js422 062814js429 062814js431 062814js444 062814js448 062814js451 062814js453

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How about some captions for all of these pictures guys? Are we supposed to know what all of these people are?

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