1/7/15-Something Hall of Famelike by Jon SooHoo/LA Dodgers

Congratulations to Baseball Hall of Fame inductees Randy Johnson and Pedro Martinez….


While I was the Chief Photographer at the Daily Trojan, I hired Randy to be a staff photographer in hope of beating the Daily Bruin in football. It didn’t work but I am glad I hired him as he was and is a really good photographer.

In 1991, I followed Orel Hershiser up to Bakersfield to photograph his rehab game and I took this photo of a young Pedro Martinez waving to the ladies in the grandstand.


In 1993 during the Los Angeles Dodgers Friendship tour to Taiwan and Fukuoka, Japan, I took these of Ramon’s younger brother…5008 5057

The “Great” baseball photographer Mitch Haddad took this photo of me with Randy Johnson in the 90’s.DODGERS LOGE TERRACE

and I was fortunate enough to catch up with Randy in Arizona thanks to Josh and Derrick for inviting me into say hello and thanks to Jennifer Stewart for taking the photo.10274191_4235590825181_211991162732680558_n

It was great working with and photographing both of you Hall of Famers.





Love Love All these pictures!! You look so young in that picture!


I KNOW Randy is one hell of a shooter…I just want to know if he has any shots of #18 sweeping end or slashing off tackle…?


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#18’s slow doglike reflexes cost us the game that day on defense. QB’d fine but should have been benched on D. Next life….

great shots as always Jon

Great work Jon. Are you any relation to the Soo Hoo family from Oxnard?

I heard we are all related…haha! I don’t know.

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