2/15/15-Something Me A Long Time Ago-by Jon SooHoo

IMG_4576So yes it is my 30th season with the Dodgers but back on this date 34 years ago in 1981, Dodgers PR man Steve Brener issued me a credential (above) to photograph the USC Trojans against the Los Angeles Dodgers.  This also happened to be the debut of Fernando Valenzuela at Dodger Stadium.

Screen Shot 2015-02-14 at 10.34.30 PM


I was there on that day! loved that Dodger games with USC in February. It was our first time back at Dodger Stadium after the Fall.

You are part of Dodger history, miss seeing you at Vero Beach.

i started going to those usc vs dodgers’ games w/my dad (rip) in 1981. We would drive in from hacienda heights; my brothers & I would be @ the turn-styles right when they open the stadium doors & R U N down to get a field box seat right behind the dodgers dugout (it was all free & open seating).I rember meeting Stu Naham. Thanks for sharing Jon. Do you have shots of the crowd that day? Steve Brener is STILL the PR man? WOW. I LOVE POST’s like these, such great memories.

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