7/14/15-Something Historical–1995 All Star Starting Pitchers Hideo Nomo and Randy Johnson by Jon SooHoo/LA Dodgers

It is hard to believe that it was 20 years ago when I was fortunate enough to be able to photograph my first All Star game. Being one of the few team photographers allowed in the outfield while MLB Photos Chief Rich Pilling set up to do the actual team photos, I was able to pull off this pretty cool image of the two starting pitchers…Los Angeles Dodgers Hideo Nomo and Seattle Mariners Randy Johnson between the team photos.

I consider it an honor to be given both of their permission to do this shot even with being Randy’s photo boss at the Daily Trojan years earlier.  Thank you for letting me record your history gentlemen. Congratulations next week to you Randy.


Jon SooHoo–Chief Photographer-Daily Trojan 1983, Los Angeles Dodgers Team Photographer 1985-current.21712S006



Nomo looks like a kid!! Great picture and I am sure you have great memories of that All Star game.

It would have been great if for Japanese Day at Dodger Stadium, Masanori Murakami would have been invited. I went to see him the night before at Whittier College where he and writer Rob Fitts, the author of his book “Mashi: The Unfullfilled dreams of Masanori Murakami. The first Japanese Major Leaguer” were being hosted. It was a great event with wonderful stories told by both. With Nomo being the 2nd Japanese player in MLB 30 years later, it would have been so nice to have both of them at Dodger Stadium on Japanese Day.

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