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1/26/15-Something Current-Dodgers Caravan at Garfield High by Jon SooHoo/LA Dodgers

01 03Eric Karros, Derrel Thomas, Tim Leary, Dennis Powell and Adrian Gonzalez

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2/9/12-Something Historical–Good Friends at Bank One Ballpark-June 5,2001

I took this photo of Maury Wills and the late Joe Black prior to game against the Diamondbacks at Bank One Ballpark back in June of 2001.

My favorite feature of this ballpark is the afternoon light that hits the dugout during our batting practice making beautiful light on subjects.I couldn’t pass this photo up. Back then, the dugout was purple. Now it is painted a deep rich red that is absolutely beautiful.

This was my first season of shooting digital (Nikon D1) compared to film only. Actually half of the time was digital and half film. Now it is 100% digital. After a short period switching from Nikon to Canon, I am back to shooting Nikon which will hopefully be the last time I switch complete systems.

© Jon SooHoo/Los Angeles Dodgers


2/5/12-Something Historical–Future Champions-September 2001

Being friends with peers from the opposing teams, sometimes I am given the opportunity to take some really cool photos. I know I am going to get grief for showing this non Dodgers historical photo but this was too cool to pass up. In it are the future 2001 World Champions Arizona Diamondbacks posing during our batting practice at then Bank One Ballpark. Because NL West players rotate teams from within so often, I am glad I did take this photograph as I am proud to call some of the these gentlemen friends after they came through the Dodgers clubhouse. And with fellow Daily Trojan photographer Randy Johnson from my staff  a long, long time ago in it makes this photo even more special for me. From left to right are Mark Grace, Curt Schilling, Reggie Sanders, Steve Finley, Bob Brenly, Randy Johnson, Matt Williams, Tony Womack, Luis Gonzalez and Craig Counsell taken September 30, 2001 at Bank One Ballpark.        © Jon SooHoo/Los Angeles Dodgers