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11/8/12-Something Historical-Mark McGwire–Photos by Jon SooHoo/© Los Angeles Dodgers 2012

Now that it is official regarding Mark McGwire, here are a few of my favorite Mark McGwire images from my past…..

I took this photo for the cover for USA Today Baseball Weekly in the 1990’s for their Winter issue. I shot this at Mark’s house in Huntington Beach and I spent a lot of time stringing lights around the wreath and hung it on a back drop set up with fishing wire.


Back in the 90’s, when the anthem was performed in centerfield and I there waiting for it to begin, I would have moments where opposing players would sprint from the baselines into centerfield to loosen up. During this moment, both met up and because I knew both wore my favorite line of gear “No Fear”, I asked if they wouldn’t mind posing for me.  They agreed and the result is this…Nothing beats having an exclusive with two icons….JS


Also back in the 90’s, the dugout level housed the team family room which also doubled as my makeshift studio.  I don’t remember why these three (Bobby Bonilla, Mark McGwire and Royce Clayton) were in there but they all sat for this photo. Other than the prop less photos I had normally taken, I found these toys around the room that the Dodgers kids played with. Mark decided to put these in his mouth. I can’t imagine how many mouths these dinosaurs have been in prior to Mark….Ewwww!

Welcome Mark!


7/23/12-Something Historical–St.Louis Cardinals Through My Years by Jon SooHoo/©Los Angeles Dodgers,LLC 2012

 During my time shooting for the Los Angeles Dodgers, one of my favorite photos was of our own Vin Scully posing with St. Louis Cardinals broadcaster Jack Buck prior to Buck’s passing years ago.

In the middle of this photo is the original TJ, Terry Johnson, conducting the playing of the Budweiser Anthem from the press box at Old Busch Stadium. Sitting next to TJ was sportswriter Gordon Verrell (L)  and former Dodgers PR Exec and my former Spring Training roommate, Jay Lucas.

 I was fortunate enough to get this photo at Dodger Stadium while waiting for the anthem to be sung when the singer did it from centerfield. While out there waiting, both Mark McGwire and Eric Karros made their way to centerfield as part of their warm up. When they came to shake hands, I asked them to pose and to this day it is one of my favorite moments. I went to SC with McGwire and Mr Bruin himself went to UCLA.


This photo was taken during batting practice in the early 90’s of Tommy and Vin at Old Busch Stadium. Old Busch Stadium had a wonderful charm about it. The gorgeous arches made some wonderful designs on the turf when the sun shined through them, some really cool photos could be achieved. One of the huge drawbacks of the place was the carpet that was used instead of real grass. The heatwave during a hot afternoon would cause a lot of issues for photographers as it would cause a lot of blurry photos especially from my manual focusing lenses. I didn’t need any help with blurry photos as I could do plenty on my own.

These are just a few of my favorites involving the St.Louis Cardinals and the Los Angeles Dodgers.



6/28/12-Something Historical and Current-Eric Karros Bobblehead Day-Photographic Tribute by Jon SooHoo/©Los Angeles Dodgers,LLC 2012

It’s about time Eric Karros became a bobble head.

These images are some of my favorite of Eric’s career with the Dodgers.

Congratulation Eric.


3/12/12-Something Historical-Karros and Wallach-early 90’s

Eric Karros and Tim Wallach pose with Orel Hershiser blow up on display at the National Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, New York. © Jon SooHoo/Los Angeles Dodgers

On the Dodgers first Taiwan visit in 1993, the team hangs out in the dugout. Left to right Darryl Strawberry, Cory Snyder, Mike Piazza, Eddie Pye, Felix Rodriguez, Tim Wallach, Eric Karros and Brett Butler. Tim and I were the only two on both the 1993 trip and the 2010 trip. © Jon SooHoo/Los Angeles Dodgers


2/3/12-Something Historical–Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce Luncheon-April 25,2001

Waiting in the extremely warm stairwell of a downtown hotel prior to being introduced to the Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce crowd are:  (In back row)—Luc Prokopec, Gary Sheffield, Paul Loduca, Jeff Shaw, Greg Olsen, Chad Kreuter, Eric Karros, Shawn Green. In the front left to right is Mark Grudzielanek, Matt Herges and Tom Goodwin. I have no idea who is standing with their backs to the camera other than Eric Karros behind Goodwin. © Jon SooHoo/Los Angeles Dodgers

1/24/12-Something Historical–Rain Delay at Wrigley–May 16, 2000

Rain delays are always one of my favorite times to photograph. Everyone pretty much stays in their uniform which makes photos more historical. In this photo Eric Karros waits for Mark Grudzielanek to move while Rick Down plays an unrecognizable opponent as Orel Hershiser looks on. This was taken in the really cramped  laundry room in the visiting clubhouse at Wrigley Field.  The stadium itself is always one of my favorites to shoot at. Cubs Team photographer Steve Green is always a hospitable host. © Jon SooHoo/Los Angeles Dodgers

PS–EK told me he only lost to Mike Kinkade. “Everyone else I wore out….!” Karros said