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4/17/12-Something Historical–Milwaukee County Stadium-Photography by Jon SooHoo/Los Angeles Dodgers

A taste of baseball’s past could be experienced at Milwaukee County Stadium. I was fortunate enough to experience it both shooting for the Dodgers and for Sport Magazine when the Packers played a game or two here. I remember the climb to the visiting clubhouse which was a very unusual setting seeing that it wasn’t like a clubhouse as much as it was an open area. I don’t know if the opposing football teams dressed there as there wasn’t much room for fully padded behemoths to get through the doorway.

In the late 80’s early 90’s, stock sports photographers like myself had a lot of outlets, either with sports magazines and trading cards galore, to sell to. If I could time it right where the Dodgers would play the Cubs at Wrigley during the weekend (where all games were in the day), I would see if the Brewers were home for a day game before that. If they did, I would fly into Chicago a day early, rent a car and drive up to Milwaukee for a Brewers day game usually on a Wednesday or Thursday. This would help add to my library of images shot on slide film.

This all goes back to being able to shoot low ASA transparency film for the highest quality images possible utilizing the sun as the main source of light instead of stale, stagnant lit stadiums.

Now that digital has taken over film (with a lot more latitude), day games and stadiums without roofs are not that vital for great images.

Historical stadiums are being replaced by weather-proof structured domes that don’t really resemble baseball as much as airplane hangars.

Big game match ups are all geared for prime time television anyways, so day games are a thing of the past.

Enough of my soap box….

I will always remember Milwaukee County Stadium as the place I had my first three bratwursts in one sitting. This was when I could eat anything without repercussions.

I won’t be doing this today….