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6/19/12-Something Historical-Z Man!

Before the 3:30 bus departs across the bay to play the Athletics, I wanted to pay tribute to one of my favorite people in sports photography….A’s Team Photographer Michael Zagaris.

Until I saw Z’s work as the San Francisco 49ers team photographer, I had never seen coverage of any team behind the scenes like his chronicled.

I am only able to do what I do with the Dodgers and USC behind the scenes because of the standard that you set. I just won’t do it cleats..haha.

My favorite image of his is the black and white of then legendary 49ers coach Bill Walsh and Joe Montana drawing up a play on the grass at Candlestick.

Z and I photographed by Keith Birmingham during Spring Training 2012

This is one of my favorite Z moments as on Z’s lap is his first very laptop. He is sitting with photography/technology guru Brad Mangin getting advice. Photo was taken in April of 2004 at the PacBell Park. I love the dazed look on Z’s face as he steps into the new world of digital technology. Photo by Jon SooHoo

Thank you Z for paving the way of how team photography should be accomplished.



3/8/12-Something Current-Z and Me

This is one of my favorite people in sports photography Michael Zagaris taking a moment to pose with me at yesterday’s game. As the team photographer for the A’s and the San Francisco 49ers for a long time, the man has been one of my idols. My behind the scenes images are always inspired by what he did in black and white of the 49ers back in the 80’s. My favorite photo that Michael took was of Joe Montana and Bill Walsh drawing up a play on the grass at Candlestick Park in black and white.  Photo by Keith Birmingham