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3/5/12-Something Historical–V.J. Lovero

Angels Photographers V.J. Lovero and John Cordes at the Big A in June 1990

V.J. Lovero and someone else photographed by Mitch Haddad at Dodger Stadium a long time ago.

Today is a special day for sports photographers in Arizona marking the annual Spring Training dinner in honor of sports photography legend V.J. Lovero at Don and Charlies. V.J. was the team photographer for the Angels and for Sports Illustrated for many years until his passing in 2004. His peers and friends led by Brad Mangin hold this annual dinner at Don and Charlie’s in honor of our friend. I was fortunate enough to be able to attend last year.

V.J. was a GREAT guy and his friendship during our early years as team photographers for each of our teams was something I will always cherish.

Having only experienced Spring Training in Vero Beach while V.J. was alive, I never had the opportunity to play in his over the line games with the photographers in Arizona. I heard it was a lot of fun.

Cheers V.J.!